Thinking about volunteering?

Thinking about volunteering at Run Garioch? These FAQs cover the questions we get asked most often. If your query or concern isn’t covered here, please email us on:

How old do volunteers need to be?

We’re very happy to accept volunteers of all ages, but if you’re younger than 18, we would like you to be accompanied by an adult.

What positions do you have available?

We have many marshal points out on the various race routes (5k, 10k & Half Marathon), some of which can be as far away as Chapel of Garioch. However, transportation to all positions more than a 5/10 minute walk from the Garioch Sports Centre will be available. We also have marshalls working at the Garioch Sports Centre registration point in the morning, around the start/finish areas during the day, and at the Junior Runs in the afternoon.

Are there positions available for older people or people with disabilities?

Yes! The overriding principle is the ability to marshal and be safe, but we will strive to accommodate all volunteers in the positions that best suit them.

Can my children help me?

Yes, provided you take full responsibility for them at all times.

Will I be trained and given equipment?

Yes! Briefings will be held, and PPE equipment distributed. Inexperienced marshals will not be put in key positions unless accompanied by an experienced marshal.

Will I be on my own?

Our intention is always to have at least two people together. However due to unforeseen circumstances (such as last-minute call-offs), sometimes some marshals might be on their own. In this case, we would ensure that such positions would be taken by experienced marshals or solo marshals placed in non-key areas.

Will I be paid for my time?

Unfortunately not, but we do provide breakfast and a lunch bag.

I want to run in a race. Can I still help out?

Yes! If your race time allows, we can always find a role for you.

Do I need to attend meetings before the race?

This isn’t necessary, so long as you ensure you are familiar with the requirements of marshalling and attend registration on the Sunday morning.

I can’t stay all day. Can I still help out?

Absolutely! See our earlier reply.

When do I need to arrive and when can I leave?

We’ll do our best to accommodate anyone with restricted availability, but in general we would want marshals for the main runs to be registered at 8:00 on Sunday morning at the Garioch Sports Centre. Most will be finished by around midday. The Junior Run is later in the afternoon, so those with other obligations on Sunday morning may prefer helping us out with those.

What should I do if I can’t make it on race day?

Contact one of the organisers as soon as possible.

What happens if I have to deal with an emergency, like an injured runner?

We have First Aid procedures in place, and this will be covered in the briefings.

What if I have to leave early/feel unwell during the day?

Hopefully this won’t happen, but if it does, you should contact one of the organisers who will let the Assistant Race Director know. Arrangements will be made to cover your position.

There are some busy roads and junctions such as the area around Morrisons. Would I be involved in marshalling these areas?

No. We recognise that with the popularity of the event and increased traffic that these areas are potential “hot spots”. We engage a professional traffic management company to manage these locations.

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