Run Garioch 2022 is Go!

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The Run Garioch 2022 Race Committee and the Garioch Sports Centre (GSC) are delighted to announce that entries to RG2022 will open on Monday, 10 January 2022 at 12 noon.

In order to take advantage of better weather, the six-race festival of running has made a permanent move from its traditional March date to one in mid-May.

The next Run Garioch will be held on Sunday, 15 May 2022.

Award-winning housebuilders Dandara will be returning as sponsors of the flagship 10K event and CP&Co. as sponsors of the three-race Junior Run.

Oldmeldrum-based property management company PMC have stepped up from their previous position as programme sponsor to lend their support to the 5K.

With no outside sponsorship forthcoming, the Garioch Sports Centre have become title sponsors of the Half-Marathon.

The Archie Foundation, Charlie House, Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland and Inspire PTL have also been confirmed as this year’s charity partners.

The driving force behind Run Garioch 2022, according to Race Director Graham Morrison, is sustainability – for the race itself, for the GSC and for the environment.

Race Director Graham Morrison said, “Despite the huge success of our Go Green for Garioch Virtual Event last year and the continued support of many of our sponsors and patrons, 2022 will be a tough year for Run Garioch. We will need the support of all our local runners, charities and businesses to ensure the sustainability of the event for 2023 and beyond.”

In order to ensure that as many runners as possible can take part in the event after what have been difficult financial times for many, entry fees for RG2022 have been reduced across the board.

He added, “From our point of view, Run Garioch 2022 is very much about us working in partnership with the community to help us all recover from the pandemic, in terms of rebuilding our mental and physical health, re-establishing community links and having the confidence to get involved.”

Kevin Bonarius, Garioch Sports Centre Chief Operating Officer, is delighted to be welcoming runners back to his Inverurie facility in May.

Bonarius said, “The pandemic has highlighted how important it is to look after both our mental and our physical health. That makes the activities we provide for all ages and abilities at the GSC, a community sports and leisure centre, more important than ever.”

"As a charity, the funds raised by Run Garioch are vital to ensure the GSC can continue to provide for the community, especially after nearly two years of reduced income.”

Bonarius added, “We are so grateful to everyone who supports Run Garioch, whether it’s by running, becoming an event sponsor or patron, or just supporting our participants through their training.”

Making the race more environmentally sustainable is also a key focus for 2022, according to Race Support Manager Christine Appel.

Appel said, “We’ve put in a place a number of initiatives to help reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of our event. First, we’re making t-shirts optional extras that runners can purchase when they register online. We’ve chosen technical shirts made from recycled bottles for the adults and 100% organic cotton ones for the kids. Neither shirt is air freighted or packed in plastic, and both are PETA vegan-approved.”

“We’ll also be encouraging runners to bring their own water, and are looking at various incentives to encourage them to do so. Any plastic bottles of water we do need to bring on site – whether it’s for the emergency services or thirsty runners at the finish – will made from recycled materials, recycled when empty or both.”

Morrison added, “This May will mark more than three years since we last cheered runners home over the finish line on Burghmuir Drive. We thank everyone for their patience and support during what we know have been very difficult times for many, and can’t wait to welcome you back in a few months’ time.”

If you have any questions or comments about any aspect of RG2022, please contact RGHQ directly.

5k 10k Half Marathon Junior Run

Race Packs

Your race pack will be posted to you at the address you provided when you entered online.

Your bib will incorporate your timing chip and luggage tag, should you wish to check any baggage.

Please complete the emergency details on the back of your race number with a ballpoint pen.

On race day, fasten your number securely to the front of your top using the four pins provided – one at each corner, as per the instructions in the Event Programme.

It is a race requirement that your number be visible at all times.

Race numbers are non-transferrable. Anyone found to be running with someone else's bib will be removed from the results.

If your race pack does not arrive before race day, please check in at Race HQ well before your race is due to start. Please also bring a copy of your registration confirmation email and/or ID.


T-shirts can be collected from the GSC before race day, on race day and after race day. They will NOT be posted out. Collection timetables and locations will be confirmed in May.

Timetable of Events

TBC PMC 5k Call-up

TBC PMC 5k Race

TBC PMC 5k Prizegiving

TBC GSC Half Marathon Call-up

TBC GSC Half Marathon Race

TBC GSC Half Marathon Prizegiving

TBC Dandara 10k Call-up

TBC Dandara 10k Race

TBC Dandara 10k Prizegiving

TBC CP&Co. Junior Run Cat. 1 Girls - 600m (Ages 4, 5, 6)

TBC CP&Co. Junior Run Cat. 1 Boys – 600m (Ages 4, 5, 6)

TBC CP&Co. Junior Run Cat. 2 Girls – 1000m (Ages 7, 8, 9)

TBC CP&Co. Junior Run Cat. 2 Boys –1000m (Ages 7, 8, 9)

TBC CP&Co. Junior Run Cat. 3 Girls - 2000m (Ages 10, 11, 12)

TBC CP&Co. Junior Run Cat. 3 Boys – 2000m (Ages 10, 11, 12)

TBC CP&Co. Junior Run Prizegiving

Where is Inverurie?

Inverurie is approximately 16 miles northwest of Aberdeen on the A96. The nearest train station is Inverurie, on the Aberdeen to Inverness line. The nearest airport is Aberdeen Airport at Dyce.

Getting to Run Garioch

Run Garioch is now a very big event. Some congestion in the local area will be inevitable on race day, but please help us keep it to a minimum.

If possible, walk as part of your race-day warm-up, use public transport or share lifts if you can.

If you have to drive to the event, please be aware that there is no direct road access to, or parking available at, the Garioch Sports Centre on race day.

The Strathburn Hotel, located across from the race start and finish at the Garioch Sports Centre, offers runners and spectators special rates for B&B accommodation over race weekend. Please contact them directly for more information or to book.

Travelling from the North

If you’re travelling from the North on the A96 please turn left at the Conglass junction (the left turn before the roundabout near Morrisons). This will take you down to the roundabout at the bottom of Burghmuir Drive.

To use the parking at Harlaw Road, turn left along the B9001 to Rothienorman and take the next right into Harlaw Road, where the car parks will be signposted and attended.

To reach the Drop-Off Zone at Strathburn School, proceed straight across the roundabout into North Street and proceed along to, then turn right into, Saphock Place, which leads up to Strathburn School where the Drop-Off Zone is located. On leaving Strathburn School there will be right-turns only into Strathburn Road. At the end of Strathburn Road turn left into Middlemuir Road and out on to Blackhall Road near the junction with North Street and West High Street.

Travelling from the South

If you’re travelling from the South on the A96 please enter Inverurie at the first roundabout (at the end of the dual carriageway), which will take you through Port Elphinstone and on to Inverurie Town Centre. At the end of the square in the Town Centre turn left into West High Street.

To use the parking at Harlaw Road, take the first right into Constitution Street, then along to the end and straight past Tesco into Harlaw Road. Proceed along Harlaw Road until you reach the car parks.

To use the parking at Gordon House, continue along West High Street and at the end turn left into Blackhall Road. Gordon House is on the left as you proceed up Blackhall Road.

To reach the Drop-Off Zone continue up West High Street and at the end turn right into North Street. Proceed along to and turn left into Saphock Place, which leads up to Strathburn School where the Drop-Off Zone is located. On leaving Strathburn School there will be right-turns only into Strathburn Road. At the end of Strathburn Road turn left into Middlemuir Road and out on to Blackhall Road near the junction with North Street and West High Street.

Travelling from the Rothienorman Road

If you’re entering Inverurie on the B9001 from Rothienorman, the Harlaw Road parking is the first left after you enter Inverurie.

For the Drop-Off Zone, continue straight ahead until you come to the roundabout then turn left into North Street and proceed along to, and turn right into, Saphock Place, which leads up to Strathburn School where the Drop-Off Zone is located. On leaving Strathburn School there will be right-turns only into Strathburn Road. At the end of Strathburn Road turn left into Middlemuir Road and out on to Blackhall Road near the junction with North Street and West High Street.

Travelling from Oldmeldrum

If you’re coming from Oldmeldrum, take the new link road across to the Rothienorman Road (B9001) and follow the directions above from Rothienorman.

Sat-Nav Summary

· Use AB51 4RY to take you to the race-day drop-off point at Strathburn School

· Use AB51 4TE to take you to the Harlaw Road car parks

· Use AB51 3WA to take you to the Gordon House car park

Local Access and Parking

If you’re driving to the event we would encourage you NOT to enter Inverurie from the roundabout on the A96 near Morrisons. Burghmuir Drive (the start and finish of the adult races) will be closed all day from the Strathburn Hotel up to the roundabout at Morrisons. Burghmuir Circle will only be open for local access and VIP parking (but only via the Strathburn Hotel junction).

To ease congestion around Morrisons and Blackhall Road, we’ve introduced a Drop-Off Zone at Strathburn School, which is located at the back of the Garioch Sports Centre (sat-nav post code AB51 4RY) and is only a short walk from the start lines.

We’ve secured agreement from the Aberdeenshire Council Roads Depot, Tawse Tyres and Strathburn School to use their car parks on race day. Many thanks to them for their support. These carparks are all located in Harlaw Road (sat nav post code AB51 4TE ), which is a short warm-up jog away from the Sports Centre. There are also other public car parks located elsewhere in town. Parking for our disabled athletes and spectators is available at the Strathburn Hotel on Burghmuir Drive. Many thanks to them for their support.

Road Closures and Restrictions


Lost Property and Information

Enquiries regarding lost property and other general queries will be handled at Race HQ.


Volunteers from Clan will be operating a secure baggage-storage facility in the Games Hall.

The cost will be a donation to our partner charities.

Please use the luggage tag on your race number to check your baggage.

Toilets and Changing Rooms


Event Village

The Event Village will return for 2022.

Event Catering


The Start

All adult races will start on Burghmuir Drive, outside the Garioch Sports Centre.

Course Marshals

Volunteers from a variety of charities and service groups as well as private individuals will be acting as marshals on race day.

Please follow their instructions as well as any posted signs.

If you have the opportunity, please thank the marshals for their efforts – there would be no Run Garioch without them.

If you don't plan on running this year, but would still like to be part of Run Garioch 2022, please consider becoming a marshal. Drop us a line at


You don’t need to have a number pinned to your chest to take part in Run Garioch! If you’re not running this year, please come out to cheer on your friends, family and neighbours. Here are a few of the best times and places to watch the action, but please bear in mind any road closures that may affect your travel.

The Finish

All adult races will finish under the gantry on Burghmuir Drive.

All children's races finish under the gantry in the fields behind the Garioch Sports Centre.

Please ensure you run under the finish line gantry and through the funnel to record your final time.

The end of the race is under the gantry, not at the 'spotter' mats placed 20m in front.

Exit the funnel to receive your water, banana and medal. You can then exit the finish area, rejoin your family and friends and celebrate your achievement!

If you've signed up for a free result SMS from Sinclairs of Inverurie, you'll receive it within a short time of finishing.

Results will be available on the FRS website after the event.

Medical Support

First aiders from North East Services and Training will be available opposite the finish line and able to respond to any incidents during the event.

First Aid will also be available in the Garoch Sports Centre.

If you are not feeling fully fit on the day of the race, please do not run. There'll always be next year!

If you feel unwell during the race, please inform the closest available marshal. He or she will inform our medical support team so that they can assist appropriately.

Extremes of Weather

Please ensure you are properly hydrated and come prepared for the extremes of weather. Our climate can be unpredictable It may be very warm and sunny, requiring sun cream or conversely very cold and wet requiring warm and dry clothing.

If the race needs to be cancelled on the day for any reason, the Race Director's decision will be announced on this website and Facebook by 0800 on Race Day.